We Digitize Your Business


At Softwave, we understand that each company has its own way to conduct business. And that unique approach maybe the key of it’s success.

BMS back office is an ERP designed to suit and fit your business needs; it is flexible enough to adapt the way you run the business. It also ensures a successful transition to the new system as it reduces staff resistance to the change.



A single software helps you to manage, operate and organize your Restaurant, Cafeteria, Snacks and all kind of Hospitality Services. Advantages using RESTO-WEB POS are enhancing your business by saving time and improving your organizational capability.


Soft Payroll manages the employees’ salaries automatically by calculating the basic salary with the allowance minus salary deductions, processes direct deposits, and voiding payments and generates tax forms (National Social Security fund NSSF & Minister of Finance MOF). Employees can check in and out via time attendance machine, and the system will manages paid time off, generates employee schedules, monitors overtime hours and integrates with a wide range of payroll services.

Tracking Bonds Maturity

From Sales and vacancy tracking to contract  management, real estate management software solutions help you maintain and organize payments, Bonds .

With real estate software, you can manage multiple properties  while remaining organized and aware of what’s happening at each.


Vegetable management system is designed to organize all your stock & accounting transactions in your vegetable store 

ADD ONS Services

In Addition to built- in features, BMS  comes with variety of specialized add-on modules .

Each add-on is tailored to a specific business or function