arrow Consulting
    With a client-oriented philosophy, believing that software solutions and management consulting are complementary, the company strives to label itself as a solution implementer and business partner to all its customers. The approach to marketing its products is based on establishing needs, identifying requirements and, implementing global solutions that best fit their purpose.
Our skilled consultants can assist you in making one of the most meaningful decisions you will make. Our intimate Knowledge of our products gives us the insight into which products best "fits" your needs.
 arrow Systems Implementation
    Through situation analysis, implementation schedules, system configuration, on-site testing and going "live", the customer will receive prompt and courteous attention from our professional consultants.
Staff members provide the energy and knowledge that deliver the rapid results solution and solidify our hard-earned reputation as the most efficient enterprise software implementer. You will be up-and-running in no time.
 arrow Customer Support
    Software Design understands the importance of fast and accurate resolution of support issues for end users.
We provide a complete range of technical support options offering you choice and flexibility to suit your business.
Our dedicated team of experts, with multi-lingual capabilities, will resolve your queries speedily. Exact circumstances can be replicated on test systems, supported by Software Design's extensive archive of support information. Strict adherence to performance standards ensures efficient and quality resolution of all customer inquiries.
Our goal is to ensure you are truly benefiting from our software by helping you achieve optimal performance.
 arrow Hot Line Support
   Experienced functional analysts operate the Software Design Hot Line. The Hot Line is staffed by support analysts who typically have a good knowledge of the functional features of the different Software Design applications and have participated in several clients' on-site implementations. Their practical experience enables them to even resolve problems that require a technical knowledge of the application and its environments.
Our clients may call with any 'how to' questions or to report software issues. Our call tracking system allows for follow-up processes to provide each client with a timely resolution.
Hot line support is available from 08:00 am to 4:00 pm (GMT +2) at the following number: +961-06-44 55 97/98
Clients may also reach us via the Internet by emailing questions or other issues,
  arrow Maintenance
   Software Design recommends its customers to join the annual maintenance program. It is a must for any institution concerned about the continuity of its operations.
Joining the program entitles the registered customer to the following benefits:
To know more about the advantages of the program, Contact the Customer Support department at Software Design.
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