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Hospital Information System (HIS)
   Laboratory Information System (LIS)


arrowThe Result of  several years in medical laboratories:
  • User friendly , Rapid , Coherent , Evolutive and performent
  • Supported by a group of programmers that maintains the developing in this field
  • Saves your Time , Effort and money
  • Holds your Patient files
  • Provides many useful statistical reports

arrowSoftlab General Specifications:

  • Can Deals with In Patient & Out Patient
  • Each Patient has an Unique id  Used to track  Previous Results .
  • Has Smart & Intelligent Search Patient Utility 
  • Allocate  Same test  more than one time in same Visit
  • Allocate  Same test on different Period of time ,or different instruments
  • Deals with Different Price Insurance list  For different period of time
  • Keep Track of tests which has permission from Insurance Company
  • Keep Track of Patients test Orders with Different Rooms # Or Doctors
  • Provide  Accounting Module
  • Provide a set of  Statistical test Reports by ( test,germ,Region,period of time …etc..)

arrowSOFTLAB covers all the Following lab Sections Or Categories :
  • Hematology
  • Chemistry
  • Urine Analysis / Stools
  • Immunology & Serology
  • Endocrinology
  • Drugs
  • Tumor Markers
  • Bacteriology
  • Allergy
  • Spermogram
  • Spermocytogram
  • 24 h Urine
  • Cytopathology
  • Electrophoresis , Electrophoresis , Toxicology, ….
  • Each Category is a Set Of Tests which Declared By User .

arrowSOFTLAB Test Parameters :
  • Code
  • Normal value (Child ,Male , Female ..)
  • Unit
  • Screen Order
  • Category
  • Test Fees
  • Each test Has three (L) Price & three Fixed Prices.
  • Test Printing Parameter By this Function the User can Define the Test Report Printing Parameters (Order ,Separated Test ,Header ,Abrev ,Print on Worksheet or not).

arrowMain Patient Card:

SOFTLAB May Run as Stand Alone application Or be linked to Hospital Info System (HIS) , so For Later Case the ( Personal & medical ) Patient  Information will be get Automatically from HIS ,while in the First Case SOFTLAB Provide a special admission Procedure.

       Personal Patient info :

  • Id
  • Case No
  • Reg Date
  • Full name
  • file nb
  • Room nb
  • Sex
  • Age
  • Ref Doctor
  • Company insurance

Personal Patient

arrowMedical Patient info (Work Order by Sections):

     Hematology Section

Hematology Section

    Chemistry Section


Etc ….Same Approach For Others Sections

arrowTest Results Input

    This Operation will Done By Two Methods :
1st:  Manually : Entering the test Results By Patient or by test
 with special Sound and color effects for abnormal values , Results   can be Entered  via different forms .

Softlab can handle the different results of Culture  with the filling and printing of sensitive chart.

Allergy input screen inhalent panel or food panel can be demanded separately  , including unit and class as input data.

2nd:Automatic :
A special Interface can be Established between SOFTLAB and various medical lab instruments .This will Provides More Results  Accuracy & Time Saving.

arrowSoftlab will Provides  Two ways to Acquire & Send data

  • Getting the Patients test orders & Send them to instrument List
  • Acquiring the Results of Test Orders From instruments

Using this Screen the Lab Supervisor Can Check out the Results  For Certain Patient Grouped by Sections For Final Verification & Confirmation.

After that the Patient Results Spread out to Hospital Floor  & can Prints Patients Results .

The Reception Can Print the Patients Results of All sections on One Paper Or each Category on different Paper. Also Prints the Patients Name on Envelops.

One of Several Accounting Report...

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