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Sales and procurement system covers  all possible features a business might need to manage its inventories, sales, and analysis related to these.
It include:
BMS Provides you a flexible Tool to manage the inventory Control And
Invoicing Activities .from the initial setup of inventory (items, units, Categories,……) to the multiple tools of administering an inventory ,output statistics and meet the inventory and Invoicing Challenges.
Each transaction updates the reports of the warehouses ,the accounts and the maturity files.
It Provides :
1-Handles all inventory transactions : Sales & purchase order, Sales & purchase invoices,Opening inventory ,Adjuting Inventory Documents
2- a powerful multi-currency on line invoicing including:
                 Control of discounts and credit limits
                 Posting into maturity
                 Printout of bills in case of credit facilities
3- Prints Price lists , physical inventories lists ,
inventory status report depending on customers
class and date.
4- Consolidates inventory per warehouse or per item
5- Manage Multiple Commercial Presentations of an item including packages ,color ,size….etc           
6- Manages packing lists For items
7- Calculate the inventory Value According to different Prices(Real Cost , Average Cost ,High Cost ,Low Cost, Last Cost)              
8- Manages tax and TVA .
9- Provides Statistical Reports on Sales and profit margins per item, Customer, Salesman, Period of time ,Point of sales.                           
arrow Inventory control & invoicing:
BMS Manages Purchase orders with all their subsequent operations for Multiple warehouse .it gives you proper information to purchase the right product at right time. Each transaction updates the reports of warehouse , Accounts and maturity files.
It Generates automatic Requisition in purchase order for items below their assigned reorder quantities.
It Shift automatically from purchase quotation to Purchase order to Receipt Voucher to Purchase invoice to Payment Voucher
It Allows to verify Returned and undelivered quantities
It Prints invoices, quotes , standard orders and returns
arrow Purchase orders & Procurement:
arrow Sales orders:
It Provides a comprehensive and easy tool to handle customers orders. it follows up The different steps of the orders ( Price Request, quotation ,order Confirmation ,Deliveries …..) and processes undelivered items
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