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arrow BMS Financial Modules
BMS Provides Some Tools To Manage & Control  the Financial Movement in Your Company in the most Comprehensive And Simple Way  .
BMS Provides a Complete set of transactions which simultaneously updates the  general ledger ,Cost accounting, Budget  figures, Prepaid and Depreciation entries.
  • Main Features:
arrow General Ledger :
BMS Provides a  powerful tool to manage payables .Each invoice is tracked until full settlement. Due Dates of Payments are managed for each invoice according to predefined rules. A purchase invoice is directly posted into agenda of payable, and updates directly the general ledger as well a the cash forecast report .Credit limits are controlled during invoicing.
arrow Accounts Payables:
One of main features a manager would like to include in his financial budget is the ability to compare actual results to the budgeted one, give the ability by adding and increase or a decrease factor, splitting amounts on different  periods.
arrow Financial Budget System :
BMS Provides an assets ledger in its standard  financial package. This ledger is updated from purchase invoice. Manage prepaid expenses .keeps track of initial amounts ,YTD Depreciated amount, and Cumulative depreciation. Generates Depreciation entries.
arrow Assets ledger & Depreciation:
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