arrow Business Management System  (BMS)
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1- Multi Company , Financial year
BMS Manages an unlimited number of Company. Warehouse  ,point of Sales ,Cost Centers, Cash and Bank Accounts are Allocated for each Department  or Sub Department .
2- Multi Site
Companies ,Branches Can be managed on the Same site or Even on Remote Site, a Special Replication Data Features Enables Branchs To merge their Transactions with Main Branch
3- Multi Cost Center
BMS Manages an unlimited number of Cost Center ,which will hold any transaction related to each one For Financial Follow up & Income Results
4- Multi Currency
The Currency log file Enable BMS handle Multi-currency operations with on line Conversion facilities , It Keeps Track For Two Main Base Currency & Maintains as Daily Currency Rates.
5- High Level Of security
In a Multi user Environment ,you need to control who can do what, when as where . For this Reasons BMS Provides a high level of security, protecting the data and functions of system . Only users who have the right to can access and edit Documents .Also Provides Different Access Modes "Read,Edit,Add,Delete " &  Allows the locking an audited Periods.
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